Bakersfield Country Art Exhibit

Thirteen legends of the Bakersfield Sound will be featured in a new exhibit that opens Friday at The Foundry.

The art exhibit, "Bakersfield Country: The Legends of The Bakersfield Sound," features portraits of Merle Haggard, Bill Woods, Red Simpson, Bonnie Owens, Billy Mize, Cousin Herb Henson, Buck Owens, Tommy Collins, Jean Shepard, Wynn Stewart, Fuzzy Owen, Ferlin Husky and Lewis Talley.

Art gallery executive director Christina Sweet introduced listeners and viewers to the show on "First Look with Scott Cox."

She said the show is an expression of "love for our Bakersfield roots."

"Awesome painters" -- all but one from Bakersfield -- were approached to create paintings of the legends, Sweet said. The show includes 13 paintings and four boards of original photography.

It can be seen during First Friday from 5 to 9 p.m. at the gallery, 1608 19th St.

"We have an exciting night planned," Sweet said.

Joe Saunders, who is finishing production on his documentary, "Billy Mize and the Bakersfield Sound," also appeared on "First Look."

Saunders, Mize's grandson, said he got a sneak peek of the installation, and "it was incredible to see."